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Untitled (feature film)

Conceptart for a scrapped production of a feature length animated film set in a South-asian flavored fantasy world inhabited by Animals. Conceptart for an environment depicting the capital city of the province. Project by Waadi Animations

Sitara (2019)

Sitara is Pakistan's first Netflix Original, a short film about a little girl that dreams of being a pilot, and that dream is threatened by the prospect of an early marriage. Project by Waadi Animations.

Early Visual Development

Set in Lahore, Pakistan, (the city of red bricks) our lead character Pari and her little sister Mehr have their personal sancutary on their rooftop, away from the complicated world underneath

House Exterior and Interior

Some of the concept art created for Pari's lower middle-class home

Bazaar and Wedding Hall

Concept art

3 Bahadur (2015-2018)

The 3 Bahadur trilogy is one of the most celebrated animated film series in Pakistan. Below are some of the Concept Arts and explorations for the environments in the series.

Color keys and Color scripts

Samples for Color keys and Color scripts

Character design

Samples of character design work.

Prop design

Samples of prop design work.

Animation samples

Samples of animation work. More samples including productions done for films can be found here

Additional Materials and samples can be provided on request

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